silver balloons in the letters "y" "a" "y" -- yay!


Wow, we are 10!!! Our proudest accomplishment of the decade is SURVIVING the PANDEMIC (you helped us do it!), while also managing to meet the big GOAL we set for ourselves at the beginning of that year. We were determined to make our VALUES more apparent and active in everything we do. Here are some of the things we've been working on, and we'll strive to improve these every day:

  • We've taken the 15% Pledge and ensured that over 15% of our vendors are Black-owned companies.
  • We've added a Shop Your Values dropdown menu. You can go explore it on our home page.
  • We added a Community Outreach Coordinator role, which manages our monthly donations to local organizations that advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.
  • We seek works by underrepresented artists, designers, and authors, that ask people to see things in a different light. We put it together in our See In Color collection. Learn some more here. We're donating a portion of proceeds to  She the People, which elevates the political voice of women of color.
  • Read our Values Page to learn more about our actions and what makes us tick. 

Thank you, again, for giving us 10 YEARS. We're going to try every day to give back to you.

Kristin and the Woonwinkel Team