Image: Do You See In Color? Call for submissions


We’re color nerds—you may have noticed. We love to talk about color so much that sometimes we even use color as a metaphor for things that aren’t visible—like our values and our worldview. Well, we’re taking this further, in the creation of a collection called See in Color. 

Woonwinkel is looking for work to add to the collection, especially by underrepresented artists, designers, and authors, that asks people to see things in a different light. A portion of the proceeds will benefit non-profit organizations that advance diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

Know some Woonwinkely work that invites people to see gender, race, ability, age, etc. in a different way? Or reminds people to open their ears to a different perspective or world view? We're thinking printed works like zines, books, prints, etc. but surprise us! If you have an artful product with this kind of thought-provoking message or backstory, we'd like to see it. 

What's Woonwinkely, you ask? It's probably gorgeously colored, well-designed, and simple.

Send us a note at with the subject line: See in Color.