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Woonwinkel : everyday goods that shine bright.☀️ 

Woonwinkel is a Portland, Oregon-based home and gift shop where everyday goods shine bright. Our passion for color makes your visit more than just a shopping trip--it uplifts and inspires.

Yup, we have a thing for color. Don't get us wrong--we love all our colors equally--so gorgeous neutrals do have a place in our shop. But what we really love is luxuriating in the perfect blush bedding, or feeling jazzed by an eye-popping yellow ceramic vessel. Twenty-five years in the color design industry have taught us that color is powerful. It can transform a mood and a home so we choose it with care.

We carry home goods and gifts from all over the world, much of it created by individuals and itty bitty companies. We like doing business with the little guys because it means we get to work with real people--people who are brave enough to take an idea and make it happen without a giant safety net. People who go the extra mile to make sure their product is well crafted. People who know that having fewer things that are better made is a way to live in harmony with the earth.

By the way, woonwinkel means “living shop” in Dutch.

---Kristin, Owner


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