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Woonwinkel : where everyday goods shine bright.☀️ 

About Us:

Woonwinkel is a Portland, Oregon-based home and gift shop where everyday goods shine bright. Our passion for color makes your visit more than just a shopping trip--it uplifts and inspires.

Over twenty years in the color design industry have taught me that color is powerful. When our eye takes in color, it sends a message to our brain to decipher it. As it’s doing so, the brain releases a hormone which affects moods, focus, appetite, energy levels and more. Every color benefits us in some way, and at its best it ignites a powerful emotional reaction. We enjoy bringing the power of color to you in two different ways:

We stock gorgeously colorful gifts and home goods sourced from small companies and independent makers from all over the world. You can shop by color in the main menu of our website. 🌈

We provide color consulting services to help you get the most out of the color and decor in your home.

Our Values:

While the search for colorful objects is fun, our vision goes beyond what we can put in someone’s shopping bag. We also strive to metaphorically "see in color". We believe differences within our team and our community make us stronger and richer, and we prioritize building an environment in which different perspectives are valued and celebrated. Read more about our values in our latest Social Impact Report or shop our See In Color collection to join the cause.

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Or reach out to us at info@woonwinkelhome.com 

-Kristin Van Buskirk, Owner


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