Our Vision & Values:

We’re a little biz who works with other little businesses and we intend to stay small. We seek out independent designers and small companies and enjoy getting to know the people behind the brands. We believe that small brands are often more transparent about their social and environmental responsibility, and it's easier to get straight answers to hard questions from them.

We believe that good design and quality can be attained at a moderate price, and that saving for something well made is worth the wait. We believe in owning fewer, better things.

Our Purpose: 

We strive to inspire our customers with Everyday Goods that Shine Bright. What makes a product shine bright, in our eyes? These are some of the ways:

  1. It's one-of-a-kind, unique or small run (because big-box sameness is boring and small businesses create diversity in our economy)
  2. It's alive in color (because color can alter your mood, improve your performance, and do good)
  3. It's a beacon, an example (a design that helps to make our world a better place in some way)
  4. It's happy-making (we love games and activities that pull people together, we love the cheerful, the silly, the fun)

Our Social Mission:

You might have noticed we're a little color-obsessed. Our owner, Kristin Van Buskirk spent 20+ years in the color design business, and it's clear when you walk in our shop that we love to celebrate color.

Color is symbolic to us, too. It’s a colorful world and we like it that way.  We believe diversity in all its forms makes the world a stronger, richer place. We support people and organizations that work to create a harmonious and equitable world for all people. Below are a few examples of the way we incorporate these values EVERYDAY.

2020 Goals, Projects & Actions:

We're launching our first-ever product line, which nerdily uses color theory as a metaphor for the importance of diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice.

We're donating a portion of proceeds from the product line to non-profit organizations that advance diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice.

We're putting together an art show on color + the black experience by Black women artists.

We're ensuring our website is ADA compliant.

We're seeking more products that are eco-friendly, recognizing that adverse environmental impact is felt more directly by less powerful people.

We highlight examples of "good color that makes a difference big or small" via our side project, @goodcolorcollective with Miller Paint and Living Room Realty. We strive to share examples of colorful projects, products, works of art and design that "do good" in the world. We strive for equal representation of underrepresented people.

We attend My People's Market, a local POC tradeshow.

We make monthly donations of product to local, progressive non-profit organizations.

We provide pro bono color design workshops and mentoring for underrepresented people or groups that benefit underrepresented communities.

We're participating in the #stophateforprofit boycott of Facebook by pausing our paid Facebook ads for the month of July, despite those ads being a critical source of revenue for us. 

These are a few examples. Want to know more? Or do you have some additional ideas for us? Know about a product that belongs at Woonwinkel? Write to us at info@woonwinkelhome.com. We don't have a corporate responsibility department, or any other department for that matter--we're just a small (but mighty!) team of 2 full-time and 5 part-time people who are full of heart and seek to be responsible citizens. So send us some ideas for future projects and actions.

-Kristin, Owner