Hi. I'm Kristin Van Buskirk, the owner of Woonwinkel. Having spent twenty-five years in the color design industry, I've learned that color is powerful. It can transform a mood and a home and I know how to choose it with care. Every person and every space has unique color needs. Whether you need to solve an architectural dilemma, you want to feel more relaxed or uplifted in your home, or you just need help pulling things together visually, color can often do the trick.

Having received a degree in art, then embarking on a 20+ year career as a color design director for Nike, and now finally as the owner of the color-obsessed home and gift shop, Woonwinkel, I've married all those experiences to offer residential interior color consulting services. 

When refreshing your home, I can help you choose colors that not only set the right mood and enhance your existing decor, but I can ensure they work with fixed surfaces like tile, flooring, countertops, carpet and trim. If you have a challenge like a too-small room, or an open floor plan that doesn’t feel quite right, I can often often help solve those challenges through strategic color use.

    Color consultation could include:

Who needs an interior color consultation?

  • I assist home owners, apartment dwellers, and interior professionals
  • I love working with DIYers who simply need a little assist, or a second set of eyes on things
  • I collaborate with interior designers who need a thought partner, because color can be tricky

    Every service starts with a 2-hour in-person consultation for $250, which is occasionally all a client needs. Usually, however, we use that as an info-gathering session so I can provide you with a quote for the full scope of your project. Ready to learn more? Check out my portfolio, and then write to me at kristin@woonwinkelhome.com. We'll schedule a phone call together in which I'll learn what you have in mind, give you information about my process, and explain my fees. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Write to me at kristin@woonwinkelhome.com.