Woonwinkel donates money to non-profit organizations that advance diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. Purchase from the See In Color collection to sharpen your perspective and join the cause. 10% of your purchase will go to the ACLU or She the People, an organization that elevates the voices of women of color in politics.

See in color. Words to live by. That’s what our LGBTQ+ friends ask us to do when they carry a rainbow flag and march in pride. That’s what women say when they wear a hot pink pussy hat and march to make their voices heard. That’s what our Black friends mean when they say, ”Black lives matter” and march for their lives. There’s not just one narrowly-defined perspective of the world and these movements are helping us see that more clearly. If you don’t think these movements are necessary (it’s the 21st century after all), try taking off your rose-colored glasses. That hue can be lovely, we agree, but you’re missing out on a whole spectrum of color. Think you’ve already got these issues down? Then think for a minute about what other colors you might be blind to. It’s a fact that most of us are deficient in seeing one hue or another---and trust us, there are a whoooole lot of colors out there. What perspective are you missing? See in color.

If you know of an artful product that might fit in this collection, please let us know about it.  Write to info@woonwinkelhome.com.