Erin Harding, holding a potted plant in one hand

Erin Harding, photo courtesy Cleverbloom

Last month we had the pleasure of welcoming plant guru Erin Harding of @cleverbloom into our shop for a demo on How to Wake Up Your Plants for Spring. I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing for my plants every spring when they come out of dormancy but I wasn't totally sure what that was. Turns out it's nothing complicated--anyone can do it--but I have a feeling my plants are going to be thrilled I now know these simple steps:

How to Wake Up Your Plants for Spring:

Plan on repotting your plants every spring because here's the key: healthy plants need new soil for new nutrients.

1. Choose the right pot. First, think about the size. Gently pull your plant out of its current pot and plan on going one small step bigger. Look at the root ball and choose a pot that will give you just 2-3 more inches more space all around the root ball. Then think about the pot's material. Pots that are porous allow water to evaporate out of the soil easier. This is exactly what you want. Soggy soil = unhappy plant. If your pot isn't porous make sure it has a drainage hole.

2. Give it the right soil. A succulent or cactus will benefit from highly aerated cactus mix which you can find in just about any home & garden department. Most other plants will benefit from an indoor potting mix which is also easy to find. Erin recommends amending that basic mix, however, with some perlite or another amendment.

3. Tuck it in. Start by putting a little amended soil in the bottom of your pot, then gently place your plant in the pot. Add more around the sides; don’t pack the dirt too much – the roots need room to grow. Give it a little water and voila! Your plant is ready for spring!

For more details on re-potting and for step-by-step photos, check out Erin's complete tutorial on her website, Cleverbloom. Now get out there and give your plants some TLC because they give us so much in return. Ahhhh, oxygen.