Four women-owned West End shops are teaming up to bring you a celebration of International Women's Day with FREE TATTOOS, fundraisers, pop up shops and more. Look for events in our neighborhood EVERY MONTH of 2020.

Poster: Who runs the west end? Celebrate International Women’s Day with women owned businesses + FREE TATTOOS, fundraisers, pop ups & more


At Woonwinkel, wrap yourself in woman power with the Courageous Woman Throw blanket, designed by Dittohouse. In store for a limited time and 20% Off March 6-8.

20% OFF 

all Dittohouse throws

March 6-8

image of the Courageous Woman Throw with the silhouette of a woman's face against blocks of pinks and terracottas

Courageous Woman Throw

Molly Fitzpatrick is behind the Cleveland-based brand Dittohouse, a collection of bold, graphic cushions and throws, made in the USA of recycled cotton fibers. Molly has designed textiles for a wide variety of clients and markets, including major airlines, home furnishings, and baby accessories. Her style is distinguished by strong, empowering patterns and color stories. 

image of Molly Fitzpatrick wrapped up in blankets with her baby boy.

photo courtesy Molly Fitzpatrick of Dittohouse