color swatches on a table

I'm a little behind on my work. But maybe you can help. Would a GIVEAWAY entice you?

Six months of navigating crisis after crisis in Portland has me, um, a leeeeeetle behind on work. And it certainly has me ditching everything but the most critical projects. So I reluctantly set aside my 2020 color-forecasting project as soon as the pandemic hit. But it keeps calling my name. 

Do you want to know what colors will have staying power for the next decade? ME TOO!

Part of my curiosity is driven by plain ol' color nerdiness. 25 years of working in the color design industry stayed with me; I had been feeling the hankering to start looking forward in time again and get back to making some color predictions.

But I'm also a practical person. What colors can I invest in for my shop, my designs, and my own home that won't fizzle quickly? I'm a responsible consumer--how can I make sure my purchases will last and I'll love them for years to come?

I'm pretty certain I know what the foundation for the next decade's palette is going to be, and I'm going to share that with you next month. But the colors that build on top of that foundation? I'm a little hazier on those. I have some ideas, but I'd love to see what our creative followers think.

Think we can crowdsource a forecast together? This is how it'll work:

1. Find an inspiring image for a color that you think will shape art, design and consumer goods over the next decade.
2. Share the image with us, credit the image, and tell us WHY you think that color will be prevalent over the next decade. Remember, color is often symbolic of how we feel or want to feel. (Share it by Direct Messaging us via our side project @goodcolorcollective by Sept 30.)
3. We'll choose a random entrant and give them $75 in Woonwinkel credit. Every entrant will get a15% off promo code good through the end of September.

And of course we'll share some of our favorite images on Instagram @woonwinkel and @goodcolorcollective so that YOU can see what this crowdsourced color forecast predicts. Would you help me out? I can't wait to see what this time of reflection has blossomed in your creative brain.

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