Need help staying on track? These are our favorite colorful and creative methods, just right for this time. Whether you work from home, are distance learning, or need help achieving a goal--we have some beautiful tools to keep you going.

Use Color To Keep You Focused.

Blues in your workspace can be calming and help you focus during long days. The longer wavelengths have a calming effect and blue is easy on those computer-strained eyes. Warmer colors like yellows and oranges can stimulate, keeping you on your feet.

blue desk supplies like bookends, planner, desk tray

 bright, colorful desk supplies like a notebook, yellow desk tray, hot pink paper clip holder

Write It Down Every Day.

Would you agree this is a year to remember? Even if you want to eventually forget it, journaling can help you process your emotions and restore a sense of equilibrium so you can regain focus.

Or maybe you need form a new habit. Daily attention to that habit will help ingrain it into your brain. Marjolein Delhaas' colorful Next Level journals and notepads are a great way to focus your attention EVERY DAY, using a no-nonsense, versatile and simple format.

journals that are numbered in bold black type on each page


Make Transitions Easier For the Kids.

Looking for a way to keep the littlest ones in your house on track? Show them what's expected next, and then give them some agency--let them move a character through the day.

 a 3DClock that comes with figurines that kids can move through a bedroom, dining room, bathroom

Be Mindful of the Mundane.

What used to be a mundane activity can now take on new meaning and present extra challenges. Plan your meals, record what food makes you feel the best, be guided by prompts--all to help you be more mindful of your food journey.

a colorful journal titled Food Planner

Add Some Fun To Your Organization.

Make your organizational tasks more delightful with color and pattern. Draw household members into the task of keeping on track by literally making your scheduling tools a central focus. Turn your organization into art.

boldly colored and patterned washi tape\

poster sized wall calendar--separate sheets for each month--each month is a different color