Woonwinkel interior with shoppers, Nov 2019


1. Save a small business. If we get 70% of our regular holiday customers, we should be able to stay afloat.

But we can't fit that many customers into the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So help us spread out our customers!

2. Our best DISCOUNTS are happening EARLY, EARLY, EARLY! 

Sign up for our mailing list ASAP to get on board.

3. Avoid the lines.

Limited capacity might mean lines at the door. Want to avoid those? October's the time to start shopping. Early November should work great, too. Between 4-5pm is our slowest hour.

4. Everything's operating a little slower. 

Our web order fulfillment center is us, our scrappy little sales team of 5. Packing up web orders takes a good bit more time than popping things into a bag.


Still not quite ready? 

How about putting a holiday shopping appointment on your calendar for later?


Learn about additional shopping options here.