October is Portland Textile Month! Check out the Portland Textile Month calendar to find out what you can see and do in windows and spaces (virtual and IRL) around town.

At Woonwinkel, we're honored to have the work of Lindsay Jordan Kretchun through the end of the month. After years of working primarily as a painter and illustrator, Lindsay began an exploration of quilting as a leap into a long time love of textile and pattern. 

Lindsay Jordan Kretchun  

Having drawn most of her inspiration from dark humor and folklore, the act of quilting brings a deep sense of storytelling through material, tradition and intimacy in a familial object.

close up of unfinished pieces of a quilt

To the artist, each piece must be practically useful (intended to be used, washed, and loved) as well as aesthetically and technically captivating. Like her paintings, playful nuisance, surprise and an underlying narrative make their way into each textile piece, pared down into shape, color and pattern.

a close up of a detail of Lindsay's quilt


With technique and time, each quilt records the process of combining multidisciplinary practices as it patiently unfolds. Lindsay works and lives in Portland, Oregon. Follow Lindsay on Instagram.

Author's Note: Lindsay's quilts fit perfectly into the range of colors I describe in our previous blog entry. This color family is one to invest in for the decade.