Bathrooms need to be functional. So when figuring out how to add zing to our bathroom routine, of course we still want gorgeous color and bold pattern, but we've got practical considerations in mind, too. These are some of our favorite super-functional bathroom items.

a bathroom scene with bold black and white towels, a bench, and a pineapple nightlight

Stands up to moisture.

Hinoki benches are used in Japanese bathhouses because they resist rot. They also smell great, and each purchase contributes money to sustaining Hinoki forests in Japan. Designed by Jasper Morrison and Wataru Kumano. Also makes a great Portland porch bench.

The long-lasting, cool-burning LED lights in this pineapple make it a perfect nightlight. It comes in several tropical colors to add cheeky fun to your bathroom.


a metal shelf affixed to a shower wall

Won't rust

Local maker, Merkled, makes these shelves with hooks (and regular wall hooks too), in multiple colors to brighten up your bathroom. Unlike a lot of similar products, they even work in the shower because they're made of aluminum.

soap dish with a sculptural shampoo bar in it

Eliminates plastic

Two of our favorite sustainable products help you DITCH PLASTIC. This sculptural shampoo bar comes in a recyclable paper wrapping instead of a plastic bottle. And the recycled plastic soap stand makes a perfect landing pad for your new bar soap habit. Ditch the liquid and ditch the plastic.


toothbrushes - bright colors

Lasts and lasts

Even plastic can be sustainable when it's MADE TO LAST (#reduce). You only need to replace your toothbrush when the bristles start to bend over and can't clean your teeth anymore. These bristles last a LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG time and the toothbrush feels great in your hand.


little spray bottle of hair perfume

Safe and natural

Don't actually feel like getting clean? Boy, do we hear you. Try this uplifting hair perfume in between shampoos. It's all-natural, safe, and locally made from exceptional ingredients. You can also spritz it in the air and wave your mask through the mist for a little aromatherapy. 4 scents, all amazingly good.


a waffle texture towel next to a soap dish and some little containers

Quick dry

We love Hawkins New York's waffle hand towels for their quick-dry texture and reaaaally good colors.