sitting on a hinoki bench

Are you addicted to fresh air like I am? PNW'ers like me who love to be outdoors willingly sit on rainy porches in the fall and spring to extend our outdoor season as long as possible. That's why I'm smitten with these benches designed by Jasper Morrison and Wataru Kumano for More Trees. Carefully crafted and simply shaped, these flat-packed stools are made from Japanese hinoki, a highly durable wood that makes them suitable for damp indoor and outdoor locations.

benches stacked

Hinoki is a mildew-resistant wood traditionally used in the construction of temples, water buckets and tubs.  It will grey naturally over time if exposed to the wind and weather, but it holds up well in humid environments like saunas, bathrooms and porches in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

The benches were designed for the non-profit organization More Trees, a forestry conservation project in Japan. The wood for these benches is sourced from Gifu province where the More Trees has already funded the replanting of forests. A portion of each sale goes towards funding future conservation work.

So bring on the rainy season, Oregon. My porch is ready. I can bundle up, breathe in the wet air and gorgeous smell of the hinoki wood, and enjoy my fresh air just a little longer.

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