Studio Herron
photo courtesy Studio Herron

Are you feeling ready to bring FALL COLOR into your house but want to make sure it'll feel right beyond a season? These 4 colors trends have some legs to stand on. We'll tell you why.


1. dusted blue

Dusted blue takes the world's favorite color (plain ol' sweet little blue) and neutralizes it just enough to work in large spaces. Because blue is so universally loved, just about any variation will have legs beyond a season, a year, or even a decade.

Juju Papers

photo courtesy Juju Papers

art by Marcelyn McNeil

art by Alejandra García Gutiérrez

photo courtesy From the Bay


2. terracotta

Terracotta derives from the natural world, making it a perfect antidote to our increasingly digital culture. As long as we continue to expand technologically, the counterbalance will also continue. Expect long term staying power from colors like terracotta, green, and anything else that brings the outdoors in.

bower studios terracotta wall

photo courtesy Bower Studios 

Juju Fruit Salad Tiles

photo courtesy Juju Papers

photo courtesy From the Bay


3. ochre

You can go surprisingly big with this color, but when used as a smaller accent there's almost no color with which it doesn't work. Because it's so versatile, this color from the natural world will find a way to live in your home no matter how the backdrop changes.

photo courtesy Marij Hessel 

ochre rug by Soft Century

photo courtesy Soft Century

photo courtesy Hélène Rebelo


4. dark leaf green

Noticing something in common with all of these colors? They're all friendly with lots of other colors but most significantly with PINK! Yes, "millenial pink"--you may have heard about it . It's a (big, giant) thing. Since pink has established itself almost as a new genderless neutral, colors like this dark green that lie opposite pink on the color wheel are natural candidates for long-term staying power.

photo courtesy Montana Furniture

green and pink bathroom

photo courtesy Winwood McKenzie

green linen napkins

photo courtesy Woonwinkel

So if you're loving the current fall color trends, go ahead and invest in some. These four are inspiring but also practical and will last you a good long while.






Kristin Van Buskirk, co-owner of Woonwinkel, is a Color Designer with 25 years of trend forecasting and color marketing experience. She loves nerding out with other color lovers so feel free to pop in the shop on a Friday afternoon and talk with her about all things color.