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Saturday, September 2nd


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It's something we haven't carried in a long while because we haven't found juuust the right fit for our colorful little shop...but now we have it--the perfect dog toys! Bonus: it's a Portland-made product, by our friend Angela Medlin. Now who do you want to know about first--Angela, who is smart and lovely and a very busy designer these days, or Wubbi who is sweet, goofy, and just a little bit drooly (hard to resist, right)?

Oh come on, people! We love us some dogs around here but of course it's humans first (shh, don't tell anyone that one of us has a couch that is reserved just for our dogs). Angela will be popping up here with quality cotton dog beds and tough, customizable, leather toys. She started House Dogge under her studio name, DESIGND goods, after a multi-decade career as an apparel designer and director in the sport and fashion industry. Now, when she's not testing out new products with her luvvy Wubbi, she's creating yet another thing from the ground up: FAAS (the Functional Apparel and Accessories Studio) in partnership with Pensole x PNCA. A little busy, this woman.

dog bed

But not so busy she can't dote on her Olde English Bulldogge, Wubbi (otherwise known as Butter Pigge or Buddha Pup). You might be tempted to call him the cutest, lovingest dog ever but DON'T. This pup would much rather you think he's a scruffy bad in point:


 He put these tough and colorful toys to the test.

house dogge toys

 dog toys and beds

So come by and get your customizable dog toy (stamped on the spot) or dog bed--and bring your pooch! Learn more about House Dogge by DESIGND goods here.