Karrie Dean 2017


Thursday, September 7th



There are lots of things we like about Karrie Dean coming to Woonwinkel for a trunk show. We have a lot in common: she's as obsessed with color as we are, for one. And like us, she's a momma who works extremely hard but enjoys those joyful and spontaneous work breaks that sometimes come when you share your work space with your kiddos. Determined to keep her business small enough that she can maintain that balance, she's a champion of small shops like ours, and does a great job reminding people to #shopsmall. (Thanks, Karrie!!)

Karrie's knit cotton throws have been a favorite product of ours for awhile--we love the bold patterns and colors and the no-fuss fiber content that allows for machine washing. We also love that they're made of recycled yarns from the scraps of other manufacturing processes.  

We look forward to having some of Karrie's other patterns and colors, as well as some CUSTOM COLORS (oooh, oooh, oooh we' can't wait)!!

Find Woonwinkel's whole collection of throws and other textiles here.