It's wedding season!! We hope you have some fun ones on your calendar for this Summer of Reuniting. Here are some of our favorite gifts for couples that we can either ship to your recipient, or that you can bring along with you.

cake stand and flowers
Want to keep the sweet wedding feelings going? A ceramic-coated cake stand and brass server are just right for enjoying frozen wedding cake on a one-year anniversary. Or an everlasting bouquet is a symbolic reminder of a couples' undying love.

colored glasses

Can't you just imagine sangria or sparkling wine in these gorgeous glasses? Estelle colored glassware is available in store only, but it's worth it. Direct message us, call, or email and we can make the purchase easy for you. 503-334-2088.

stoneware dishes

This dishwasher-safe glazed stoneware works beautifully in a neutral house or with a colorful palette. It's a lovely cream-colored glazed clay with tiny grey speckles. Its elegant foot elevates the design, adding a floating expression to the collection. Order online; it ships directly from Ferm Living.

bamboo bowl

A more casual dining option is our collection of bamboo plates and bowls. We looove these for lunches on the patio, snacks, entertaining...well, we use them at our house for just about everything, really. They're perfect for the eco-conscious couple; they're 80% bamboo and 20% plastic so they break down in the landfill, that is, if your friends are ever willing to part with them. Dishwasher safe. Top rack recommended.

cloth napkins

These colorful napkins can go with the fancy OR the fun dishes. The bold fabrics hold up extremely well in the wash--we love the quality. Available as dish towels, too. 

olive oil bottles
Does your couple already have all the homegoods they need? Then treat them to some delicious, California grown 100% extra virgin olive oil. The ceramic container is beautifully keep-able.

wrapping paper

Let us wrap it all up for you in local wrapping paper by March Party Goods. These double-sided papers are 100% carbon-neutral, made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Oh yah, and gorgeous, too. Choose from any of our other gorgeous cards and wraps here.

gift card

Still not sure what to get? Let us mail a paper or digital gift card and your couple can choose for themselves. Or try shopping any of our collections below: