Over the past several months many people have felt compelled to clarify their values and think about tangible ways to live them everyday. Good news--it's now easier to shop according to your values at Woonwinkel. The main menu on our home page includes the dropdown "Shop Your Values", which allows you to see products grouped in several different collections including POC-owned, Made in the USA, Locally Made, Eco-Friendly and more.

We're also highlighting two specific groups of products in the shop with stickers:


This collection of products celebrates seeing things from different perspectives and highlights underrepresented voices. 10% of your purchase of these products will go to She the People, an organization that elevates the political voices of women of color.


Fifteen percent of the brands we carry will be Black-owned. This sticker identifies those brands.


For us, "see in color" are words to live by. It's a colorful world and we love it that way. Not only that, but we don't think we can fully see till we see from multiple perspectives.

"See in color" is what our LGBTQ+ friends ask us to do when they carry a rainbow flag and march in pride. That’s what women say when they wear a hot pink pussy hat and march to make their voices heard. That’s what our Black friends mean when they say,”Black Lives Matter” and march for their lives. There’s not just one narrowly-defined perspective of the world and these movements are helping us see that more clearly. 

The Fifteen Percent Pledge is a commitment to ensure at least 15% of our brands are Black-owned. The Fifteen Percent Pledge was created by Aurora James, the founder of luxury brand Brother Vellies, to urge major retailers to do the same: stock their shelves with at least 15% Black-owned brands. Why? Black people make up nearly 15% of the country's population but their businesses are vastly underrepresented in the retail industry. The Fifteen Percent organization seeks economic equality and prosperity for Black Americans rather than accept the wealth gap that currently exists between Black and White Americans. 

Please consider shopping from these collections. Thank you!!