Wrap - Solange-Manu Double-Sided Roll
Wrap - Solange-Manu Double-Sided Roll Wrap - Solange-Manu Double-Sided Roll

This double-sided wrapping paper roll has two distinct patterns that draw inspiration from a variety of people, places, and cultures. Made of eco-friendly stone paper. By FOLKUS. 

  • Stone paper is an eco-friendly alternative to wood pulp paper - no trees, no water, no bleach and acids are used in the manufacturing process.
  • Stone paper is water/grease/tear/bacteria resistant and non/toxic
  • Stone paper is reusable
  • When cutting stone paper, let your scissors glide and say goodbye to "rough edges."
  • We encourage you to use our stone papers to wrap food and chilled beverages, as framed art, and as a surface cover (e.g. table cloth).

Roll size: 30" x 120" / 76.2 cm x 3.05 m

Read more about pattern inspirations from FOLKUS below.

Inspiration Notes for Solange:

Solange is inspired by life's surprises, not necessarily highs and lows, but rather moments of self-discovery, second chances and gratitude. The name Solange means solemn in French so we sought to use a serious blue coupled with radiant yellow to remind us of artist, Solange Knowles, arguably the most famous second child. Solange the woman and the design are at ease in the environments they create and inhabit.

Inspiration Notes for Manu:

Manu means second child and is rightfully paired with our favorite second child Solange.  Manu is a vibrant golden zebra print.