Gift Wrap Service- House Wrap
Gift Wrap Service- House Wrap Gift Wrap Service- House Wrap

Save yourself the hard work - we'll make your gift shine bright. Our Woonwinkel gift wrapping service includes all recyclable materials:

  • Kraft box
  • Kraft paper wrapping
  • Colored tissue paper and/or crinkle paper
  • Cotton ribbon
  • A colorful postcard with a handwritten gift message
  • A premium paper band from our favorite small independent gift wrap brands.
How many Gift Wrapping Service products should I add to my cart for multiple gifts? We suggest one per large or medium-sized gift, or one for a few smaller gifts. Don't overthink it--we've got you covered if you underestimate a little.

Want to make it even more special? Add a card or gift tag

Can I write a gift message? Type your gift message in the notes section of the checkout page and we’ll handwrite it for you. 

We apologize--there are some oversized items we won't be able to wrap. Contact us at 503-334-2088 or if you have questions--we're happy to help.