Neilson's Plant Elixir

Give your plants a little lovin' with this special elixir! Neilsons' Plant Elixir is a mild, easy-to-use plant formula for houseplants, orchids, succulents and cacti. Made from naturally-sourced fertilizer salts in meticulously honed proportions, partly diluted in the purest Oregon aquifer water.

16 oz -  once fully diluted, equals 1.5 quarts of plant food.

Mix 1:3 with pure water.

What’s the best way to use it?
Shake well and mix 1 part product with 3 parts water (preferably filtered, distilled, or rain water, ie. chlorine-free), then apply to the roots of your plants.

For best results, collect the runoff and pour it back over for full saturation without wasting elixir, then drain thoroughly. Or water first and drain thoroughly to prep the potting mix for moisture, then douse enough elixir into the container so that it gets down to the roots. Some prefer to dispense the fully diluted product from a spray bottle to air plants and arid-leaning potted plants.

What makes it special?
It has a good concentration of magnesium - which is vital as an activator of other nutrients - without being high in sulfur. Some other brands use shortcuts resulting in either too much sulfur or not enough magnesium. Neilson's unique chemistry requires that this elixir comes partly diluted