Sneaker Week

is coming to Woonwinkel for July's

West End Wednesday 

and we're having a 

Best Colorway that Never Hit the Market Contest

Wednesday, July 31, 5-8pm


Calling all color designers and sneakerheads: show us your favorite sneaker colorway that the world is missing out on. Bring an authentic industry sample or a painted shoe to 935 SW Washington Street to enter. Accepting entries NOW and UP UNTIL 5:15, Wednesday, July 31.

The winner will be determined by popular vote that night so bring your color-loving friends and cast your votes! Stay awhile or hop over to another West End Wednesday x Sneaker Week event. Prizes will be announced at 7:30pm (you don't need to be present to win). 1st place prize is a $100 Woonwinkel Gift Certificate. Plus, ANYONE can enter a raffle to win a second $100 Woonwinkel Gift Certificate.


Kate's Ice Cream

is popping up outside and we'll have drinks and light snacks inside, too

Focusing on collaborations with local, woman, and minority owned businesses and using fresh seasonal produce from Pacific Northwest farms, Kate’s Ice Cream is made using organic coconut milk and is 100% plant-based and gluten-free. 

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See you soon!!!!