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green GIVES

We know for a fact that green in beneficial. Whether you get your green by spending restorative time in nature, breathing in the extra oxygen from your houseplants, or feeling the physiological benefits of the color in your home, GREEN IS GOOD. It has the surprising power to both calm and invigorate. It's visual nourishment and we need it.


chartreuse ENERGIZES

chartreuse, green, energy, light pink, soft light, chair, plant, rick rack, window, quietGive your kitchen a chartreuse energy boost with these Bitmap Tea Towels in Bits and Static by Areaware.


mint is FRIENDLY

mint, green, shelf, hook, shook, friendly, toys, yellow jacket, entry way, organizationAdd this minty Medium Shook by Merkled Studio to your entry for a friendly welcome home.


spring green UPLIFTS

spring, green, gradient, puzzle, uplift, outdoors, wire chairs, marble table, patio, challengeGrab a fresh green and yellow Gradient Puzzle by Areaware to enjoy al fresco on a uplifting spring day.



jade, balance, drippy paint, mug, muted color, votive, side table, planter, green, pinkThis jade green Votive Set by Hay will bring an element of balance to any table, mantel, or bathtub ledge.



sage, green, grounding, grid, blanket, bed, plant, shelf, window, sunlight, serene, rust, colorCreate a cozy corner to relax and reflect with this sage Windowpane Knit Blanket by Happy Habitat.