Kristin Van Buskirk

Hi! I‘m Kristin. I’m the owner of this little shop. And I’m only saying a quick hello before introducing you to the rest of the Woonwinkel in-store crew. We’re a tiny but mighty team of four who does more than sell goods. We lift each other up, we put food on each other’s tables, and we talk about what we want Woonwinkel to be and DO in the bigger scheme of things.

Not usually eager to talk about myself, I’ll tell ya the highlights real quick. I’m a mom and a wife, a color designer, an outdoor enthusiast, and a total klutz. Ask Molly—she’ll confirm.

(And yes, this is an old photo of me, cause I’m almost always the one behind the camera, so we have very few photos of me looking like a semi-respectable boss lady).

And next up....

Lori Caldwell

Hi, I'm Lori! The newbie to our little family of 4 badass ladies. I'm also the store manager (and, so excited about and proud of that). A few things about me: I used to have my own business here in Portland for 5 years, called Minnie + George (named after my parents), I love making things (from clothing to accessories, to home decor DIY projects), and I am the proud mom to my 9 year old fur baby, Miles- the cutest lab/pitt mix ever. Most importantly, I am committed to furthering social and racial justice by being as involved in my local community as I can. #blacklivesmatter #goodtrouble

Molly Ryan

I’m Molly, your friendly Woonwinkel Operations Manager. A few years ago I left a career in Art College Administration to earn my MFA from PNCA and OCAC. While in school, I began working at WW part-time. I knew it was the perfect job for the student version of me, but what I didn't know was how much it would bring me post graduation.

I can’t imagine my life in 2020 without this place and the people who work here. In addition to providing me a safe working environment while so many were homebound, I became part of a mini community of fierce women making it work during unusual times. Without it, my year would have been much worse. I feel fortunate and I am so excited for what 2021 will bring to our sunny corner and for what this amazing crew can accomplish.

Btw, you may have bought some of my creations at Woonwinkel. I’m artist and a maker —follow my studio @materialloop.


Blue Granby

Hey! I'm Blue, the Community Outreach Coordinator and Lead Associate at our lil' shop. I'm a passionate advocate for mutual aid and direct action, and I’m dedicated to spending time and sharing experiences with local organizations and communities that strive for a more equitable reality and future.

Just like our other three leading ladies, I love engaging in a range of creative things in any and all ways I can, whether it’s expressing my love for color through creating and styling clothing, music or any kind of multimedia art. I'm also a huge bookworm and always looking for a new read! Luckily, I get to incorporate all those little passions in our colorful little shop, which sometimes makes 'work' in our shop feel a lot like 'play' :)

We're your in-store crew. Let us know how we can help you by emailing us at or calling us at 503-334-2088.