Jax Atelier Jewelry

The exclusive collection of jewelry designed for us by San Diego-based Jacki Geary of JAX Atelier is definitely one of our favorite fall arrivals. We love how cheerful we feel when we put them on and how they’re gonna let us cling tightly onto that laaaast little bit of summer even as the days get shorter. As we were going back and forth on what kind of collection might be right for Woonwinkel we had a chance to learn more about Jacki and her process. Here’s what we learned:

As an abstract artist, what has it been like to watch organic forms and decomposed imagery take the spotlight in home and fashion?

I love it. Abstraction in objects gives a sense of whimsy and makes you feel that anything is possible. It makes you think outside the box. It’s often functional as well as unique and that is a killer combo in design.

What do you like about working in polymer clay?

Polymer clay allows me to work at a quicker pace that I thrive in. I freehand most of my pieces and cut and sculpt the shapes organically. I love gliding my knife through the clay to cut the shapes as I intuitively feel through the process. Having a background as a painter, I also love mixing my own palette and this allows me to create some unique colors to work into my pieces.

On the flip side, what the most annoying part of working with clay?

I have to sand and buff my pieces because I like that aesthetic. The sanding process is a bit tedious and rough on my hands, especially when I’m doing a big batch at a time. But once the pieces finished they look so much better to me as a final product—it’s worth it.

We love that Jax gives back! Can you tell us more about what inspired you to donate a portion of your proceeds towards addressing the homeless-ness crisis?

Here in San Diego homelessness is especially a huge problem. I see it wherever I turn and it breaks my heart.  As I was building this business in 2018, I decided to donate a percentage of each sale to homeless charities locally and nationally. I’m so grateful to everyone who buys my work, which allows me to help others in need.

Do you have any advice on how to wear fun, abstract fashion pieces while still looking like a buttoned-up professional?

Just like some people who have to dress conservatively for an office job, I tend to wear mostly darker, solid tones in my clothing, so I use my accessories to be the artistic voice of my outfit. Having a professional look can easily include a colorful piece of wearable art to make you and your outfit stand out just enough.

What jewelry trends do you think will dominate the remainder of 2019?

I’m generally not a trendy person, but I do pay homage to a few trends in my work and try to put my own spin on it.  Having been born in the mid-70’s, I can’t help but incorporate the 70’s trend since I was surrounded by those avocado, yellow ochre and orange colors growing up.  I draw from my memories of living with these objects and colors early on and incorporate the shapes and colors into my work. Sometimes I even do it subconsciously. Then the 80’s happened and the neon and pastel trends took over. In the color palette of the collection I made exclusively for Woonwinkel, these worlds collide in an awesome way.

We agree.

Check out Jacki’s collection for Woonwinkel HERE.