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4 Simple Ways to Get Cozy With Color

Color is transformative. There's a reason everyone starts gravitating toward rich colors in fall--it cocoons you in anticipation of whatever winter may bring. This season we're obsessed with blues and golds, a classic fall combination modernized. Here are 4 ways this palette can help you feel more cozy this fall, from BIG to little:   1. Paint an accent wall in a deep, rich color.  We're color geeks, and we happen to know a lot of color geeks. So ew do know people who just wouldn't start a new season without trying a new color on their accent wall. If a whole wall sounds daunting, try a partial wall. ...

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Oregon Home + Jami Curl + Woonwinkel

Woonwinkel is so pleased to be featured in Jami Curl's lovely home in the current edition of Oregon Home magazine. Jami is the founder of QUIN, a brand of delectable candies for which we have great affection because they're part of our proud West End neighborhood in downtown Portland and also because we can't resist us some ooey, gooey, chewy QUIN caramels. Sigh... Btw, check out this latest edition of Oregon Home--the magazine has been working hard on a new look and it's really paid off.

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What's a Woonwinkel?

A woonwinkel is a home shop or literally "living shop" in Holland. One of Woonwinkel's founders was working in The Netherlands, learning a little Dutch, eating a little herring, and trying not to get blown away by the wind when she and her business partner cooked up the idea of opening their first shop in downtown Portland, Oregon...

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