The Marriage Box
The Marriage Box The Marriage Box The Marriage Box The Marriage Box The Marriage Box The Marriage Box

This box is a lovely, thoughtful, and out-of-the-ordinary wedding gift. Containing twenty beautiful cards, it's filled with artful suggestions on how to weather the ups and downs that even the most loving couple will face as they build a life together. This set of cards is both a celebration of marriage and a rich source of insights into the skills it demands.

Quotes from the cards:

  • In Praise of Compromise: ‘Couples who compromise are not the enemies of love: they may be at the vanguard of understanding what lasting relationships truly demand and what they are for. They deserve admiration, not condemnation.’
  • On Sex and Marriage: ‘The waning of sex is – far more than we collectively admit – a sign that a marriage is stabilising, not failing. If we more publically admitted this, we’d be less panicked, less ashamed and a little less resentful when the sex got less intense and less frequent.’
  • On Sulking: ‘We should never hold it against our partners that they need to have our intentions and feelings explained to them very patiently and without aggression. The real sign of love is not magical insight; it is the willingness to explain and to listen calmly.’
  • On Other People’s Marriages: ‘Our sense of whether of our own marriage is going well or badly is subtly but powerfully dependent on our mental picture of what marriages in general tend to be like.’
  • On the Weakness of Strengths: ‘We should always strive to see people’s weaknesses as the inevitable downside of certain merits that drew us to them, and from which we will benefit at other points (even if none of these benefits are apparent right now). What we’re seeing are not their faults, pure and simple, but rather the shadow side of things that are genuinely good about them.’

20 cards in a premium gift box | 220 x 158 x 25mm