Portland Pride Parade is June 19th

Junteenth is June 19th

This month includes celebrations that commemorate both the struggles and joyful accomplishments of two marginalized groups. While it's fun to join in the festivities, we also want to tangibly support these, and all, marginalized communities, since inequities, bias, and even hate continue.

A simple way for any of us to make a positive social impact is to put our money in the hands of the communities we support. That means shopping Black-owned products to put money into a group that's been historicially underrepresented on store shelves. It means buying products that challenge convention, like our new book Women Painting Women, which includes over 50 trailblazing portraits by women artists that challenge the archetypes painted by men in a male-dominated art world.

Book: Women Painting Women


We've made it easy for you to support different groups with your dollars. Go to our home page and find the Shop Your Values dropdown menu.

This month we're launching a new Shop Your Values collection: LGBTQ+In it you can find the brand new local magazine, Keeks, created to build bridges and break barriers.

Keeks Magazine

You can find books for kids that remind them that they're a-okay just as they are; you can find beautiful portraits of lovers by Mexican artist Enrique Larios, and more.

Enrique Larios print

Please consider shopping from these collections, especially on June 19th. Nineteen percent of our store profits that day will go to The Black Resilience Fund, which provides direct financial assistance to Black Portlanders.

If you want to learn about additional ways to tangibly support Black Americans, go to the websites of the NAACP, or Color of Change.

If you want to learn about additional ways to tangibly support LGBTQ+ Americans, go to Movement Advancement Project's LGBTQ+ resource page. or the Human Rights Campaign website.

Thank you!! 

Kristin and the Woonwinkel Team