Molly, holding a Woonwinkel package
Molly, our Operations Manager, has upped our shipping game.
If you've bought anything this year you've probably felt the impact of global supply chain interruptions. Products are out of stock, they come late, there are waiting lists. Yep, it's impacted us as well. So what should be your shopping strategy for the holidays this year? Here's our advice:

1. Shop the small shops EARLY.

It's harder to replenish stock quickly, so once items sell out, that might be it until the new year. This is the case especially for small shops who don't have a lot of warehouse space to hold backstock. Shop the small shops early.

2. Sign up for waiting lists.

Yes, you should shop early, but that one product you really want might still be slowly en route to us. So sign up for our waiting list. You'll see this tag (below) on items that we're expecting to come in before the holidays (that timeline is probable, but not guaranteed). Click into the product, scroll down, and type in your email address for an auto-notification when your desired product's in stock. 

What a product looks like when you can Join the Waitlist

3. Opt for free in-store pick-up.

Do your part to unclog the shipping pipeline. If you can, order your items online and then come pick them up in the shop for free. This frees up the busy package carriers to deliver packages that really must be shipped. We have two free 5-minute parking spots right outside our shop on 10th Street. We can have you in and out in a flash. Plus, we'd love to see your smiling eyes.


4. Purchase gift cards.

If that special something isn't in stock, how about purchasing a gift card? We can send you a digital version via email or a paper version by mail.

Good luck with your holiday prep this year! Above all, remember to enjoy it!