sketches for Dianne Da'Lama's quiltssketches for Dianee Da'Lama's quilts

October is Portland Textile Month. In celebration, Woonwinkel is hosting a special textile installation called Colorful Histories & Woven Landscapes throughout the month. This installation celebrates three textile artists united by themes of culture, memory, and family—Dianee Da’lama, Audrey Ducas, and Alli Stocco.

Open House Party

October 11th, 6-8pm


Meet the artists at our open house party or come see the installation anytime during our open hours from October 1st to the 31st.

Dianee Da’lama is a quilt and textile artist using color and graphic storytelling to reimagine her experiences living and creating as a Cuban-American woman. Glimpses of magical beings, brave heroes, and psychedelic scenery are all animated through her artistry.

Audrey Ducas is a classically trained French-American fiber artist having studied in the tapestry capital of France. In her ambition to honor the traditions of her predecessors, Audrey creates delicate, detailed, pastel woven textile landscapes that explore both her own ancestry and the history of the medium.

Alli Stocco is the creator of the semi-annual zine Of Things Real and Imagined—a lush, colorful, and richly executed publication that explores life through print and pattern. Her hand-printed tapestries created for the zine’s upcoming edition spotlight the culture of the dinner table.


Ali Stocco in her studio

Ali Stocco, in her studio, with her first edition Of Things Real and Imagined. Photo by Kate Ames.

Audrey Ducas, weaving. Photo by Audrey Ducas.

Audrey Ducas, weaving. Photo by Audrey Ducas.