Wrap - Wild Poinsettia
Wrap - Wild Poinsettia Wrap - Wild Poinsettia Wrap - Wild Poinsettia Wrap - Wild Poinsettia Wrap - Wild Poinsettia

The Product: Because it's double-sided it works for all the winter holidays. Bold winter flowers are perfect in December. When Valentine's Day rolls around we use the opposite side, which is a rich red. This wrap is the perfect weight for folding and creating beautifully wrapped gifts. Designed and made in Portland, OR.

19.375 X 27in
100% Carbon Neutral
Made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials

Choose "We Wrap For You" from the menu below, and we'll do the work. Includes a coordinating ribbon, tissue, and all the extras needed to keep your purchase pretty and protected. 

1. How many "We Wrap For You" products should I add to my cart for multiple gifts? We suggest one per large or medium-sized gift, or one for a few smaller gifts. Don't overthink it--we've got you covered if you underestimate a little.*

2. Want to make it even more special? Add a card or gift tag

3. At the checkout page: Type your gift message and we’ll handwrite it for you. And that's where you can let us know which items you want to be wrapped and where you want them shipped.

*Our wrapping policy: We're asking you to guess how many wrapping service products you need to cover all your gifts. Don't worry--we've got you covered if you underestimate a little. If you happen to underestimate by a LOT, we'll digitally invoice you for additional sheets. Pay your invoice within 24 hours (watch your email inbox) and we'll ship all your purchases beautifully wrapped. If the invoice for additional wrapping isn't paid within 24 hours, we'll omit the additional wrap and send your purchase on its way so it's sure to arrive on time. We apologize--there are some oversized items we won't be able to wrap. Contact us at 503-334-2088 or info@woonwinkelhome.com if you have questions--we're happy to help.

If you'd like to DIY, you can choose a folded sheet of wrapping paper from the menu below.

100% recyclable