My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open
My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open
Digital detox expert Tanya Goodin presents a compendium of confessions, dilemmas and solutions that helps you untangle your relationship with your phone and technology for a better, happier you. In this un-putdownable self-help toolkit, Tanya Goodin explores the cost that our digital life inflicts on our offline existence, and the things we can and should do to protect our mental health, our family and our relationshipsMy Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open is your key to finding digital balance. Gift this to someone along with a journal, a puzzle, or another activity-inspired gift.

Among the tech-versus-life scenarios included are:
  • Doomscrolling – endlessly consuming doom-and-gloom news, a habit perpetuated by attention-seeking algorithms that triggers anxiety and depression; 
  • Comparison Culture – 52% of teens feel less confident because of feeling inadequate when comparing their social media profiles with other people’s; 
  • Vampire Shoppers – dead-of-night, sleepless shoppers who spend a third more than daytime shoppers, and range from nocturnal gamers to exhausted parents; 
  • Digital Legacies – before the end of the century there could be 4.9 billion deceased internet users, yet only 7% of us want our online profiles maintained after death; 
  • Cyberchondria – Dr Google is causing a wave of misdiagnoses from anxious searchers, with 25% of British women buying false miracle cures as a next step; 
  • Clicktivism – also known as slacktivism, is virtue signalling through performative alignment with online causes, but can it ever amount to meaningful change? 
Hardcover Book, 224 Pages
Size 5.94 in x 7.91 in / 151.00 mm x 201.00 mm
Published September 21st, 2021