Ice Cream Party
Ice Cream Party Ice Cream Party Ice Cream Party Ice Cream Party Ice Cream Party
A simple and delicious cookbook in the form of a board book filled with endless ways to enjoy a sweet frozen treat. 

Indulge in thousands of sweet combinations! With three categories of recipes—cookies and crusts, ice creams, and toppings—to build unique and delicious frozen desserts, Ice Cream Party encourages readers to mix and match different selections in any and every way possible to create fresh, new tastes. 

Each page is divided into thirds, making it easy to flip around and create a perfect combination for any moment. Featuring bright and colorful illustrations, and both classic and new flavors, including Coffee Toffee Ice Cream, Spiced Hot Fudge Sauce, Black and White Sesame Brittle, Cocoa Nib-Candied Ginger Ice Cream, and Buckwheat Brownies, there's something to satisfy every sweet tooth. 
  • Great for gifting: Cute illustrations, 45 recipes, endless mixing and matching—what's not to love? A huge value with its endless combinations, this book is the perfect gift for any ice cream lover and a delightful pick-me-up for someone with a sweet tooth.
  • Forever favorite: Ice cream is forever and this book celebrates a deep love for the frozen confection in a fun format. With thousands of combinations for ice cream desserts, this book will offer new ideas and fun options for years to come.
Perfect for:
  • Anyone with a sweet tooth and who loves ice cream
  • Book fans who are drawn to the unique format
  • Families looking for a new approach to dessert making

36 pages. Written by Shikha Kaiwar, a baker and an influencer who brings colorful and delicious desserts to her popular Instagram page.