Each client has unique needs. Sometimes a 2-hour consultation is all a person needs. Other times, more design work is necessary. When a project requires more planning, these are some of the tools we'll use.

Digital Thumbnail Sketches

Thumbnail sketches help us determine the color palette for a room, enabling us to find the right amount of harmony, contrast, and balance. It can also help the client visualize what happens when we turn architectural details on or off.  

Digital Mood Boards

Mood boards show real-world examples of furnishings that pull a room together, with all the colors, textures and patterns that make it sing. It serves as a compass, guiding a DIYer to shop for similar items in the budget range of their choice.

Shopping Lists

For clients who don't have time to search for the right pieces, we'll create a detailed shopping list. Then all they have to do is click, purchase, and wait for their items to arrive.

Color and Material Boards

For custom projects, we pull real materials together with color swatches to ensure they're cohesive and work in your space. Then furnishings can be made to order. 

We might use some or all of these tools on your project. We'll work together to determine what your project requires. Ready to learn more? Write to me at kristin@woonwinkelhome.com. I look forward to hearing from you.