Wrap - Khadijah-Zakiyah Double-Sided Roll
Wrap - Khadijah-Zakiyah Double-Sided Roll Wrap - Khadijah-Zakiyah Double-Sided Roll
This double-sided wrapping paper roll has two distinct patterns that draw inspiration from a variety of people, places, and cultures. Made of Luxe Premium 100 GSM paper. By FOLKUS. Read more about its pattern inspirations below.

Size: 30" x 120" / 76.2 cm x 3.05 m


Inspiration Notes for Khadijah:

Historically, the first Khadijah of notoriety was the Prophet Muhammad's first wife. The "Mother of the Believers" was twice married, an experienced mother, a wealthy merchant and a seasoned 40.  Muhammad, 25 literally moved Lady Khadijah's product in what is now modern day Syria and earned a reputation as a honest salesmen with the greatest profit margins. 

Naturally, FOLKUS saw it only fitting to create a bold design for Khadijah -- the First Lady, Entrepreneur and Queen. Khadijah features black, plus red and blue to form purple and fuchsia smoke.  Khadijah is wavy, deep and emits powerful vibes. 

Inspiration Notes for Zakiyah:

When you find a dope friend that feels more familial than blood, hold them close and tight.  In the FOLKUS tribe said dope friend is Zakiyah. In Arabic, Zakiyah means pure and in Hebrew the name means winning or gaining. Our Zakiyah is selfless love personified, she is the bestie, hype woman and "sister" you can only dream of -- when you win she wins! Zakiyah is a supreme listener and can distill all your "feels".  When you call her "Z" -- she knows shit serious, when you call her Ki or Kiki all is good.

The Zakiyah design is part camo and part animal print, the design complements Khadijah. Zakiyah does not necessarily "blend-in" but can conceal and rather protect what it is shield. This paper is great especially when wrapping something irregular in shape and form.