Crave Crave Crave Crave

Portland is known for an abundance of great food options, which has spoiled us a little but has also upped the game of many a home chef. This unique book can take that one step further by offering a unique organization that helps readers home in on their cravings. Author Ed Smith organizies his recipes within six cleverly conceived flavor profiles: fresh and fragrant; chilli and heat; tart and sour; curried and spiced; rich and savoury; and (best of all?) cheesy and creamy. There’s also a directory of alternative cravings at the back, providing additional ways in. All bases are covered, from snacks through sides, to main courses and puddings.

Think of fermented and fresh tomato salad with feta for when both sun and cook are already smiling; or lamb chops with cacio e pepe white beans if in need of a re-set; the likes of 'nduja spatchcock chicken, should a tickle of chilli be in order; or curried brisket noodles to meet spice needs. Whether we want snap and crunch or velvet softness, sharp citrus or warming aromatics, or just something involving bubbling, molten cheese, CRAVE presents a fresh take on seasonal cookery, but goes beyond that too — acknowledging core instincts and base itches, and so delivering recipes you’ll want to make every day of the week, whatever the weather or mood.

ISBN: 9781787135796

Format: Hardback

Pages: 256

Dimensions: 9.4" x 6.3" | 24cm x 16cm