We Wrap For You- Woonwinkel

Save yourself the hard work - we'll make your gift shine bright. Our basic house gift wrapping service includes all recyclable materials:

  • Kraft paper wrapping
  • Colored tissue paper and/or crinkle paper
  • Cotton ribbon
  • A colorful postcard with a handwritten gift message
  • Colorful stickers

1. Add one service per medium or large-sized gift, or one service for a few small gifts.* (Don't overthink it--we've got you covered if you underestimate a little.)

2. Want to make it even more special? Add a card or gift tag

3. At the checkout page: Type your gift message and we’ll handwrite it for you. And that's where you can let us know which items you want to be wrapped and where you want them shipped.

We apologize--there are some oversized items we won't be able to wrap. Contact us at 503-334-2088 or info@woonwinkelhome.com if you have questions--we're happy to help.