Plant Therapy
Plant Therapy Plant Therapy Plant Therapy Plant Therapy Plant Therapy
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Authored by psychologist and founder of Bloombox Club, Dr. Katie Cooper, Plant Therapy is an in-depth look at the relationship between plants and wellbeing.

Plant Therapy showcases the theory and evidence as to why being surrounded by house plants can naturally boost your wellbeing, no matter what your environment. Broken down into five chapters — The Human-Nature Relationship, Plants and Health, Plants and People, Living with Plants and finally, a plant directory with plant care tips, the book explains how we have come to exist in an environment that is at odds with our mental, emotional and physical needs. It then explores how we can readjust this balance, before showcasing plants that help us to reduce stress and improve our mental health.

A stylish yet practical book, Plant Therapy brings together two major trends — house plants and wellbeing — and enhances the value of both through making clear their connection with one another. When research has shown that the presence of plants can decrease blood pressure, increase productivity, and calm anxiety, why wouldn’t you pick up this book and create your own calming oasis?